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Camps are conveniently held at Braggtown Baptist Church, 3218 N. Roxboro Road, Durham, NC 27704, located just 1/2 mile around the corner from the Museum of Life and Science, where campers will visit during the weeklong camp.

Camp Director Phone: 919-446-8436

Camp Options to meet the needs of your family!

  • For families with children who would like an enrichment experience, we offer Themed Camps from 9:00am - 2:00pm each day.

  • For campers who would like to explore further, we offer an Extended Camp Add-On which extends exploration through 4:00pm each day.

  • For families needing early drop-off or late pick-up, we offer Before Camp Care, beginning at 8:00am, and After Camp Care, which extends the camp day through 5:30pm.

Camp Options & Fees:

All Themed Camps: 9am – 2pm ($190 per week)

Extended Camp: 2pm – 4pm ($60 per week)

Before Camp Care: 8am – 9am ($25 per week)

After Camp Care: 4pm – 5:30pm ($35 per week)


Campers are eligible for a discount when two or more siblings in the same household are registered simultaneously for the same week(s) of camp, as follows:

  • 2 Campers for the same week: 10% discount

  • 3 or more campers for the same week: 15% discount

Discounts are for themed camps only, between 9am – 2pm. Please note that the following programs are exempt from this offer: Extended Camp, Before Camp Care, and After Camp Care.

trained staff:

Led by Leah Rade, former 7-year Program Director at the Museum of Life and Science, Leah knows summer camp! Her staff receive ongoing training in the areas of child development, quality environment, programming, behavior management, health and safety. Each camp has at least one staff member present when camp is open who is CPR and First-aid certified. All staff and volunteers undergo a comprehensive background check.

lunches & snacks:

Packed lunches at camp are often kept at room temperature for 4-6 hours. There are several ways to keep a packed lunch safe to eat. Choose foods that may safely be kept at room temperature. Select and handle food carefully to prevent food poisoning. Insulated, soft-sided lunch boxes or bags are best for keeping food cold, but pack at least two ice sources with any type of lunch bag or box you use. All our camps are “nut aware”.

  • Campers participating 9am – 2pm: Bring lunch & 1 snack

  • Campers participating in camp, plus any extended option: Bring lunch & 2 snacks.

"Nut aware"

Please respect this rule when you send food with your child. Foods that contain nuts, nut products need to stay at home. We have several campers who have severe allergies to nuts.

safety first

A parent or guardian of elementary aged children must accompany the camper into camp every day and sign in the child. At the end of each day, the parent or guardian must come into the building to pick up the child and sign out the camper. When you register you will be asked to provide a unique password which will only be known to the Camp Director & your child's leader. You or your designee will need to provide this password upon picking up your camper each day.

Supplies to pack:

These may include food and/or snacks, water bottles, bug spray and sunscreen. Make sure that any clothes, backpack and other items your child brings are okay to get soiled, as we experiment and explore a lot. Label all clothes and supplies with your child's name using a permanent marker. Ignite Curiosity Camp will make a reasonable effort to locate lost items; however, Ignite Curiosity Camp is not responsible for any lost or damaged items.

​Make sure your child is dressed for comfort, safety and the current and forecasted weather. Please consult the welcome letter for your individual camp for footwear requirements; some camps require closed toe shoes and most camps will go outside, weather dependent.


If your child must take a medication during camp, our policy requires written authorization to be on file at the camp in order for camp staff to administer all prescribed and over-the-counter medication. Please see Program Policies for complete information.

If your child has an allergy action plan, please let us know at least two weeks in advance of your child's participation in the camp. Call 919-446-4836 to let us know. It is the parent's responsibility to communicate any special concerns to the Camp Director and to provide any necessary training to camp staff. We require at least two-weeks notice for staff to be trained in the use of the Epi-pen. Please see Program Policies for further information.

special accommodations:

We make every effort to provide reasonable accommodations for children with special needs. Please contact the Camp Director at  919-446-4836 prior to registering your child in order to talk through your child’s situation.

cancellation / credit policy:

Please let us know as soon as possible if your child does not plan to participate in a camp so that we can contact a child on the wait list. There is no refund, credit or reduction of fees for classes missed by a camper. You're entitled to a refund as a credit if:

  • You let us know in advance of the camp start date and according to follow:

  • 15 or more days before start date of the camp - 100% refund with $25/camp processing fee.

  •  8-14 days before start date of the camp - 50% refund with $25/camp processing fee.

  • Less than 8 days before start date of the camp - 25% refund with $25/camp processing fee.

  •  From 5pm on the Friday before the camp starts and after the start of the camp - No refunds will be given

Please submit your request in writing by mail to Curiosity Camp Refund Request PO Box 61991, Durham, NC 27715 or

e-maìl: Refunds will be paid in full when we cancel camps.



PO Box 61991

Durham, NC 27715

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