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Are you ready to discover your potential?

Are you ready to overcome obstacles keeping you stuck?

​Do you need someone to come alongside you and help navigate?

Because you, who you are, and how you live out your unique purpose matters.

And since you are reading this, it is very possible that you desire to ...

  • build communication skills & develop stronger and more satisfying relationships

  • make a change, but you are not sure what it is yet or how to do it

  • get unstuck and move forward

  • live more intentionally and on purpose

  • thrive through a healthy transition

  • build self-confidence

  • get free of self-sabotaging behavior

  • experience sustained growth where it matters most

Leah Rade, CPLC

Founder & Executive Director

Certified Professional Life Coach


Whatever it may be, it matters! And coaching can help make it reality!

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