Cancellation / Credit Policy:

Due to commitments to staff and materials prior to the start of the season, no tuition refunds will be made in connection with late cancellations, late arrivals, early withdrawals, vacations, or camp dismissals due to unacceptable behavior. There will be no reduction or refund of fees for the discontinuation of a scheduled event or camp season due to illness, injury, acts of God, natural disasters, acts of war, terrorism, fire, pandemics or epidemics. Missed days are not refunded or transferred (e.g. missed Friday and want to come back next week for a day). Ignite offers the following refund/credit options upon written request and in accordance with the following timelines:

  • 15 or more days before start date of the camp - 100% refund with $25/camp processing fee.

  • 8-14 days before start date of the camp - 50% refund with $25/camp processing fee.

  • Less than 8 days before start date of the camp - 25% refund with $25/camp processing fee.

  • From 5pm on the Friday before the camp starts and after the start of the camp - No refunds will be given.


Please submit your request in writing by mail or e-maíl to Curiosity Camp Refund Request PO Box 61991, Durham, NC 27715 or e-maìl: Refunds will be paid in full when we cancel camps.

Waivers / Permissions:

I permit my child to participate in all Ignite C3 Ministries, Inc./Ignite Curiosity Camp (“Ignite”) activities.

I understand and agree that Ignite may take pictures or videos of youth and adult participants in any activity, including camps, classes, team sports, and childcare. Images may be used in Ignite promotional materials (brochures, catalog, website, social media). For your safety, names will never be used.

Assumption of Risk & Indemnity:

Ignite conducts science & art, and recreation programs that may take place in outdoor areas and off-site locations like the Museum of Life and Science.  Ignite provides age-appropriate safety instruction regarding outdoor skills, plants, wildlife, and supervised activities, however, there are always risks inherent to participating in such activities. I understand that Ignite activities have inherent risks, and I hereby assume all risks and hazards incident to my participation/my child’s participation in all Ignite activities and recreation activities provided by third-party vendors.


On behalf of myself and my child, I further waive, release, absolve, indemnify and agree to hold harmless Ignite C3 Ministries, Inc. and its employees, supervisors, organizers, officers, directors, participants, volunteers, vendors, land/facility use partners (including but not limited to City of Durham Parks and Recreation, the Museum of Life and Science & Braggtown Baptist Church), as well as all persons transporting participants to and from activities, from any legal claims, liabilities, damages and costs for any physical injury or damage to my personal property sustained during my use of Ignite property and/or my participation/my child’s participation in any Ignite activities.

Payment Policies:

Payment: Your child is not considered fully registered until full payment is received.



Campers are eligible for a discount when two or more siblings in the same household are registered simultaneously for the same week(s) of camp, as follows:

  • 2 Campers for the same week: 10% discount

  • 3 or more campers for the same week: 15% discount

Discounts are for themed camps only, between 9am – 2pm. Please note that the following programs are exempt from this offer: Extended Camp, and Before Camp Care.

Personal Items:

I agree that my child will not bring hand-held games, tablets, iPods, cell phones, other electronics or valuables to Ignite programs. I understand that Ignite is not responsible for any personal items lost, stolen or damaged at its programs.

Drop Off / Pick Up / Late Fees
  • Themed camps begin at 9am. Pick up time is 2:00- 2:10pm for camps ending at 2:00pm.

  • Extended Camp ends at 4:00pm. Pick up time is 4:00- 4:10pm.

  • Before Camp Care begins at 8:00am and until 8:55am.

Carpooling Permission:

Many families find it convenient to carpool with friends and neighbors. Please share your chosen password with anyone picking up your child/children. Please update your account record at any time with designated adults who have permission to pick up your child. Ignite staff will retain your child if anyone not on your list or who does not have the password arrives to pick up your child, until we contact you by phone to verify the person picking up your child.

Sunscreen & Insect Repellent: 

I agree to apply sunscreen and insect repellent prior to my child before arriving at Ignite on designated field- trip days, and to send additional sunscreen and insect repellent to Ignite with my child on those designated days. I hereby give permission for Ignite staff to supervise and assist my child to re-apply his or her own sunscreen and insect repellent as needed throughout the day. If you’d like to opt out of sunscreen and/or insect repellent, please provide written permission.

Medical Treatment Policies:

Authorization for Emergency Medical Care: Should an accident or emergency occur that requires my child to receive medical care, I request and authorize Ignite staff to administer first aid, contact my child’s physician or dentist, and/or take my child to a physician or hospital for emergency treatment, or engage EMS in the event it appears necessary. I give my permission for Ignite to transmit and disclose my child’s medical information to the treating medical personnel. I hereby give to any physician, dentist, hospital, or other health care provider consent to perform any x-ray, examination, anesthetic, medical or surgical diagnosis or treatment, under the general or special supervision of any licensed physician or dentist. I agree that I will be financially responsible for the costs of such treatment and transportation.


Accident and Health Insurance: Participants are responsible for their own accident and health insurance when participating in Ignite on-site or off-site programs.


Ignite employees may only administer medication to a camper with written authorization from you (a parent or guardian).

Campers are not allowed to deliver medications. Please register all medications, prescription and nonprescription, directly with a counselor during check-in. Similarly, a parent or guardian must pick up any remaining medication at the end of the program or Ignite will dispose of it appropriately.


We will only check in the exact number of doses the camper will receive during the camp program.


Prescription medications must be in the original container bearing a pharmacy prescription label that displays:

  • Patient name,

  • Prescribing physician name,

  • Appropriate prescription numbers, and

  • Dosage instructions

At least one dose of medication must be administered at home before any medication can be administered at camp.


Nonprescription medication must also be provided in the original container that includes directions for use. Medication will only be administered in accordance with the written directions.

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