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Download Redux Toolkit: The Official and Easiest Way to Start with Redux

The #redux channel of the Reactiflux Discord community is our official resource for all questions related to learning and using Redux. Reactiflux is a great place to hang out, ask questions, and learn - come join us!

download redux

Most commonly, people consume Redux as a collection of CommonJS modules. These modules are what you get when you import redux in a Webpack, Browserify, or a Node environment. If you like to live on the edge and use Rollup, we support that as well.

If you don't use a module bundler, it's also fine. The redux npm package includes precompiled production and development UMD builds in the dist folder. They can be used directly without a bundler and are thus compatible with many popular JavaScript module loaders and environments. For example, you can drop a UMD build as a tag on the page, or tell Bower to install it. The UMD builds make Redux available as a window.Redux global variable.

The Redux source code is written in ES2015 but we precompile both CommonJS and UMD builds to ES5 so they work in any modern browser. You don't need to use Babel or a module bundler to get started with Redux. You can even use the ES module build that's available at es/redux.mjs which can be referenced using type="module" in your script tag or as a standard import.

If you're new to the NPM ecosystem and have troubles getting a project up and running, or aren't sure where to paste the gist above, check out simplest-redux-example that uses Redux together with React and Browserify.

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I am now trying to implement project save and project load functionality, and the entire Redux State serves as a project file. The project file should be saved to disk as a user download. And/or any cloud file storage service.

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Recently I have started a React Native project in which I setup my now usual stack for managing app state, Redux + Redux-Saga. Everything was going well until I installed the React Native Fetch Blob in order to be able to download files in my app.

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