Life Coaching

The purposes of a person’s heart are deep waters,
but one who has insight draws them out

Proverbs 20:5

What Is The Commitment?
What to Expect

My commitment to you:
I personally don’t like to waste time. So, I will do my part to make sure that the time spent in coaching is valuable. Thus, to my clients, I commit to:


  • engage myself fully in what matters most to you, during each and every coaching session.

  • alert you to resources that you may find helpful throughout our coaching relationship.

  • continually improve my craft of coaching through continuing education.

  • abide by the International Coach Federation Code of Ethics

  • Additionally, I coach from a faith perspective. If you have questions about this, let’s discuss this during the initial phone consultation.

Your commitment:
Commit to get the most out of coaching by:

  • considering if this is the right season in your life for coaching.

  • bringing your whole self and being the real you in each coaching session.

  • investing your time and attention on coaching take-aways in between sessions.

  • owning your goals and taking the steps necessary to reach the place where you are living out your vision.

The actual number of months that you pursue coaching is dependent on your goals for coaching. Some people satisfactorily reach their goals after 1-3 months of coaching, others after two or more years.

Expect coaching to be customized according to your unique personality and calendar. Coaching sessions take place over the phone, Skype or Zoom. In person sessions are available for individuals and couples willing to travel to the Durham/Chapel Hill, NC area.

Expect to make the most of your time by deciding what is most important to you to focus on in each call/session. 

Expect to gain clarity around your values, vision, purpose, and goals and then be able to make meaningful choices in all arenas of life.

Expect to be challenged and supported as you enjoy the reward of taking creative steps towards experiencing thriving relationships, fulfilling your goals, and live out the vision you are being called to live.

our Coach:
Leah Rade, CPLC

Founder & Executive Director

Certified Professional Life Coach




PO Box 61991

Durham, NC 27715

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