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Just Listen - A Lesson From a Three Year-Old

Updated: Jan 1, 2020

Active listening is a powerful tool and when learned early, will provide a foundation for life-long effective communication.

I was reminded this week about the power of active listening from a very unlikely source - my three year-old grandson as he and his mom and dad were preparing to head back home after the holiday.

"I feel better. I just needed to get it out."

The Power of Active Listening

Upon my arrival to see them off after a wonderful visit, I encountered a very sad, tearful little boy who, through his tears, was saying, "I don't like daddy's words." My son just informed him that his truck was packed in the suitcase and that he would have to wait until they got home to play with it.

My son and daughter-in-law have done a wonderful job making sure that our grandson knows he is heard. They always validate his feelings and invite him to talk about his feelings. I wish adults would do this.

So, I sat down with him and mirrored back what I heard him say, "I heard you say you don't like daddy's words. I see that you are sad. Why don't you sit with me and tell he how you feel." He proceeded to relive the conversation between he and his dad, telling me that he was sad that he would have to wait for his truck and that he was sad. I mirrored back again what he shared. To which he replied, "I feel better. I just needed to get it out.

Sometimes we just need to get something off our chests and get in touch with how we are feeling, with someone we trust, who will sit with us and listen. That's one of the benefits of Celebrate Recovery - a safe, judgement-free place where people care and will listen to learn, not listen to respond. You can find more information about Celebrate Recovery here.

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