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Wednesdays from 7:00-8:30 PM
12-Week Long Group Starts Sept. 6

Some people can recall the exact moment their lives changed forever. The horrific accident. The miscarriage. The first time they were hit by someone who was supposed to love them. The moment when their innocence was taken. Others can’t remember a time when their lives weren’t marked by trauma, abuse, or neglect.

Too many never really heal from trauma, and trauma ends up controlling their lives. Maybe that’s you. You know the person you want to be — your “pre-traumatized self ” — is buried deep inside, but you can’t seem to find that person anymore.

Trauma REBOOT is a 12-week, faith-based, peer-led course empowering everyday people to overcome trauma and embrace a brighter future.

Through practical teaching and a supportive community, Trauma REBOOT can help you break free from the pain of your past and find renewed purpose and strength.

Join a Trauma REBOOT course and start your journey of healing.

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